Designing amazing digital businesses is hard.
It can be made simpler !

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I am a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, venture advisor and management executive with 15 years of experience enabling digitisation across multiple industries & regions and building and scaling digital businesses from scratch. Some of these businesses continue to grow and some have been acquired by top global software businesses.

I believe that more and more major businesses and industries are being digitised and powered by software — from agriculture to banks to clean energy. Many of the winners are intrapreneurial/entrepreneurial technology companies that are invading and overturning established industry structures. I believe many more industries will be disrupted by innovative digital first companies.

I like to collaborate with business leaders and investment firms to help their ventures on digital business design and growth strategy. I enjoy helping digital businesses level up by creating revenue-generating customer led growth.

I help digital companies identify & act on high ROI opportunities. For achieving this, its important to consider three key areas of your business — your customers, your product, and your team — to identify which levers it's most critical to pull, and in what order, to help your venture thrive.

Key Areas where I enjoy helping businesses

Its thrilling to traverse these stages to evolve a digital business

Sectors of my Interest & Expertise

A design first approach to growth involves

I love leveraging design to help a digital business evolve

My Ethos

I always hope to install the following ethos into organisations / teams that I engage with